USA-California: Refine Details
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Rare original cover from Barlow, Sanderson and Co, C&0 Coast Overland Mail Company, W.S. Stone Superintendent, Principal Office Yreka, Cal. Roughly opened at right, but a rare California Express cover. Franked with 3pf Washington Banknote issue, tied by canceled '5's, and with a Yreka, Cal CDS. Mailed to Judge Wade, Jacksonville, Oregon.
Large fold-out brochure for the Pacific Steampship Co's passenger/freight lines. Particularly the California-Alaska route. This shipping line operated during the time period of the Alaskan and Canadian gold rushes at the end 19th and first part of the 20th centuries. In fact along with the pictures of the ships, the are advertisements/pictures of the visited areas, including a mine in Nome, Pioneer Square in Seattle, an excursion to Taku Glacier, the port og Skagway, and from the south a picture of the Old Mission Inn in Riverside California. A very interesting and historic map and document of the times.