Germany-Third Reich-Russia: Refine Details
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Feldpost cover from Generalkommando AK XXXXIII Kosaken-Schwadron 443, with blue Junkers Luftpost (LuPo) permission stamp.
Feldpost cover from Schwadron Ost-Reiter-Abteilung 580, with blue Junkers Luftpost (LuPo) permission stamp. A bit worn and roughly opened at top, as per scans.
Feldpost cover from officer with SS Regiment Westland, SS-Panzergrenadier-Division Wiking in Russia, with long contents reverse.
Feldpost cover from SS Uscha with Aufklaerungs-Abteilung 105 V. SS-Korps, with long contents.
Feldpost cover from Kommando 1. Kosaken-Division.
Feldpost cover from Nachrichten Abt 236 of the 162. Turkestan Infanterie-Division.
Feldpost cover from Abwehr-Unternehmen Bergmann II. The intelligence Sonderverband Bergmann was formed of Caucasian nationals (as in the region, not meaning 'white') and was formed and trained, and run under the famed Bau-Lehr-Bataillons z. b. V. 800 "Brandenburger" (aka simply 'Brandenburgers') behind-the-lines infiltration and counter-espionage unit.
Feldpost cover from Regimental staff of Kosaken-Reiter-Regiment 6 (Terek). With long typewritten contents in German over his duties, and mentioning they had a false alarm today for an attack by Banditen (thieves or partisans), which they must fight since the Russians have crossed over the lines.
Red Cross sheet of Pleskau from the German WWII invasion of Russia. Used in corner and also original gum, never hinged. '17 CV EUR800.
Pleskau souvenir sheet from the German WWII invasion of Russia. Mi Block 1x, mint no gum ass issued. '17 CV EUR1700
Red Cross souvenir sheet of Pleskau from the German WWII invasion of Russia, variety with the LIGAT watermark in the border. Used. Very light bemnd in upper left corner. In Very good condition. '17 CV EUR1300.
OG Hinged / mit Falz. Variety without the LIGAT watermark. Typical poor quality brown paper (Michel type 'x') with occlusions and tiny gaps in the weave. '14 CV EUR1600 as MNH.
Used on piece, expertized 2x Dr Romerskirchen BPP and 1x 'H'. CV EUR1500
Used, expertized Dr Rommerskirchen BPP. CV EUR150
Feldpost cover from German Rahmenpersonal with (Ost) Grenadier-Regiment 934 (consisting of Aremnian and Azerbajani volunteers) in France. With contents.
Feldpost cover from Russian volunteer with Ost-Ausbildungs-Regiment Mitte sent to a nurse in Krakau. This Faltbrief contains contents in broken German and Russian; a rare 'Ostvolker' feldpost.
Feldpost cover from German Rahmenpersonal in Schwadron Kosaken-Reiter-Regiment 3 (Sswodnyj). With contents in German. Sender gives FPN 41184, which is Kriegslazarett-Abteilung 637.
Feldpost cover from German Rahmenpersonal in 3. Kompanie of Nachschub-Bataillon 56, which was formed from Turkestani volunteers of the 50. Turkestanische Kompanie. With contents in German.
Unused Gutjahr Series 'Destroyed Panzer' card in very good condition