This page contains items from the German Third Reich. These are offered for historical purposes only and not in order to incite hatred or intolerance in any form. Our items have been used in multiple scholarly publications, donated to multiple museums (including at least one Holocaust museum), and appeared in multiple historical/antique television shows. We have been a respected member of the stamp-collecting community for over two decades. Our pieces are for serious collectors and historians only.
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Postcard from Shanghai during the Boxer Uprising, showing the French Bund (consulate district), used with German China-overprinted Krone Adler issue stamp. From the crew of the Austrian warship SMS Kaiser Karl VI to a friend in Fiume. Signed by the crew int includes singatures of Ernst von Foerster, Brasseur von Kehldorf, and Georg Riter VON TRAPP, famed commander of the Austrian U5 submarine in WWI, and later for defying the Nazis in Salzburg -- the basis for the movie 'The Sound of Music'. An extremely rare piece of wartime and movie history, when von Trapp served his country in China aboard the SMS Karl VI during the Boxer Rebellion.
Postcard of Otto von Bismarck, with a message and bold signature of Georg Ritter von Schoenerer, a noted Austrian anti-Semite revered by Adolf Hitler. Propaganda cards, cancels and stamps were produced by the 3rd Reich to honor Schoenerer, one of the more famous is included (see scans).
Autographed Real photo Postcard (RPPC) showing flight pioneer Artur Faller with his airplane, franked with the Halbamtliche Flugpost / semi-official Muehlhausen airmail stamp. A little age worn, one loose perf, as per scan, but quite a nice piece, autographed by the pilot on the front.
Autographed, handwritten letter with poem in the local dialect from Biedermeier playwright and poet Ignaz Franz Castelli -- one folio sheet folded into four pages, each ca 19x24cm.