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Map of North and South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, et al) from a rare 1818 Atlas in Prague. Outline color. Attractive early map of the US and Canada with details of the Hudson Bay Area and the new Louisiana Purchase. Measurements are of the image; page size is larger. Mounted on a temporary mat; will be removed, rolled, and placed in a very heavy-gauge tube for security in shipping. One inch sealed tear in right margin into blank sea area with no loss of detail. Blank verso, on very heavy laid paper. Absolutely guaranteed original, antique map over ca 200 years old.
A charming comparative geography map showing the areas of volcanic activity in Central America and the South Seas / Pacific, with inset maps of several island chains (Hawaii, Galapagos, etc) . This style of map is characteristic of the mid-19th century. Finely designed steel engraving for Meyer's Zeitungs-Atlas, by the Schweinfurter Geographischen Graviranstalt des Bibliographischen Institutes zu Hildburghausen, Amsterdam, Paris, and Philadelphia. circa 1852. The measurements are of the image, the page size with margins is a little larger. Slightly toned, as per scan. Guaranteed and absolutely original antique map ca 155 years old.