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1898 USPOD registered package cover (slit open at right) from Russell Gulch, Gilpin County, Colorado with a plethora of cancels reverse - Central City, Denver; Ogden, Utah; Salt Lake and Silver City RPO, DENVER AND SILVER PLUME RAILWAY, etc. Sent to Tintic mining district in Utah. Incredible piece of mining postal history. If you have an interest you should bid on it before I decide to keep it for my Silver Plume collection.
Large, lavishly illustrated book (with a huge number of period photos) on the history of Clear Creek County, Colorado, the famous Western county that's the home of Georgetown, Silver Plume, and Idaho Springs -- some of the richest mining towns in the history of the United States. Covers the history of the town, mines, businesses and has a huge section covering individual families. If the history of Colorado mining is your area of interest, this is a must-have book. Or -- if you need a boat anchor -- this puppy is big and heavy. 451 pages plus a 48 page index.