Mercator Libya Ethiopia Africa Nile 1695 Antique Map
Item #:32530
Title :Tab IV. Africae in qua Libya Exterior Interior et Exterior Aetheopia
Author :Mercator, Gerardus
Year :1/1/
Edition :2.00
Size :46x31cm
Condition :Fine
Publisher :Francois Halma
Location :Utrecht
Binding :none
Pages :1
Price :US$499
Decorative map of north Africa, specifically Libya and part Ethiopia but also including a mapping of the Nile in Egypt and the Carary Islands; by Gerard Mercator, from his rendition of Ptolemy's Geography. There is an interesting plate crack at lower left. Nice decorative cartouche. Originally published in 1578, this is is a later (ca 1695) edition from Francois Halma of Utrecht. In good condition. With a centerfold, as made for inclusion in the atlas folio. Some minor marginal folding/wrinkling, mostly in the margins. Will matt beautifully. Hand-laid paper with chain lines; blank verso. Measurements are of the image; page size is much larger. Please see scan for exact condition of this fine copperplate engraving. Absolutely guaranteed original, antique map over 300 years old.
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