3rd Reich Germany May 6 1945 Theresienstadt Liberation Newsletter Dr Leo Baeck
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A jubilant (if that can ever be applied to a concentration camp) newsletter from Dr Baeck, the de-facto leader of the camp, on May 6th, the day the SS Commander Rahm fled. "The International Red Cross has taken over protective custody of Theresienstadt...In Theresienstadt you are safe! The war has finally ended! Those who leave the camp are exposed to all the dangers of the war. Theresienstadt has taken over the handling of the Martyrs in the small fortreess (Kleine Festung)...". This document is discussed and quoted in its entirety in "Theresienstadt: das Antlitz einer Zwangsgemeinschaft" by HG Adler. There also appears to be a copy in the Central European University in Hungary. An important piece of ephemera from the Holocaust.
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