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Germany 1944 Mi 8A Perforated Rhodes INSELPOST Cover Photo Certs
Item #:89508
Catalog# :8A
Franking :FP
Date Used :1944-12-05
Price :US$4199
Feldpost/Inselpost Rhodos Lokalaufdruck Michel 8A: The perforated, Inselpost, overprinted Luftfeldpost permit stamp, one of the rarities of German Feldpost collecting. Only 50 issued. The Petry BPP photo cert states that this is "from a member of the 6th Battry of Arillery Regiment 999 (island detachment) on Rhodes" and "Except for a light corner crease which is not unusual this has fresh color and normal perforations and in light of its historical usage and significance is in good condition; the cover itself is in good condition. Inselpost covers with the local overprint from Rhodes on perforated airmail Feldpost stamps are rare!". I think that says it all. Also comes with older Wallner BPP and Pickenpack BPP certificates -- due to its rarity it has been certified several times. At the time of this writing not a single other example is being offered at auction.
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