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3rd Reich Germany Dietrich Eckart Signed 1923 Deutschland Erwache Stationery
Item #:89899
Franking :EF
Date Used :1923-04-20
Price :US$2899
Rare 1923(!) Deutschland Erwache National Socialist private postal stationery pair, with the complete text to the NSDAP anthem printed inside, and a long message from the author Dietrich Eckart, with signature at the end of the message and also as return address reverse. Eckart helped create the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, the political party which later changed its name to the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP). A key influence on Hitler, Eckart, (naturally a virulent Anti-semite) died a short time later, in December. Rare as private postal stationery, and even rarer for the use of one of the founders of the Nazi party. Coincidentally, it was used on Hitler's birthday. A historical piece.
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