Hesse Germany 1761 Massive Map Seven Years War
Item #:32541
TitleCarte D
AuthorCarlet, Louis Francois
Rare, very large map of the the Landgravate of Hesse Cassel in Germany. Drawn up in 1761 during the Seven Years War ( The French and Indian Wars in the USA ) by Marquis Louis Francois Carlet, Captain of the Dragoons and Aid to the Marshall of the General of Logistics in the French Army. Folded, starting at center and with backed repairs to some folds, on very heavy white paper, blank verso. Immense decorative cartouche. Dimensions given are of the image, the page size is slightly larger. A bit worn, as per scan and as to be expected in a wartime map. Quite rare. Absolutely guaranteed original copperplate antique map, ca 245 years old, from a pivotal time in world history. This conflict was described by Churchill as the first world war, as it was the first war fought around the globe -- in Asia, Europe, and North / South America.
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