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Germany 1920 Plebescite Allenstein Mi23b Used Expertized
Germany Germania-issue stamp overprinted for use in the briefly independent Plebescite territory of Allenstein. '19 CV EUR35. Expertized Wasels BPP reverse.


Germany 1920 DR Allenstein Plebiscite 1.50 Mark Mi26c Germania Expertized
German Weimar Deutsches Reich watermarked Germania - Imperial Post Office issue overprinted for use in the Plebiscite region of Allenstein. In the scarcer dark-orange-brown color 'c', expertized Gruber BPP reverse. '19 CV EUR120


Germany 1920 Allenstein Top Margin Stamps 19aW OR Cover
Post-WWI Germany Allenstein plebescite cover, slightly worn, in very good condition, as per scans. With very scarce upper margin singles including Mi 19aW OR (2-9-2).